Heads-up on what is happening at DIAGNOS Inc., it has signed a MoU and is in discussions / negotiations with Essilor Luxottica, the largest eyecare company in the world (publicly traded with a marketcap >EUR$85 Billion). DIAGNOS Inc. has a SaaS model with ultra-high margins, below is excerpt of the article/opportunity -- one unbiased analyst has a 12-month share price target ~5x the current if things unfold only 50% of what appears about to occur....  

DIAGNOS Inc. is the subject of a Technology MarketWatch Journal review, the full copy of which may be viewed at https://technologymarketwatch.com/adk.htm online.

DIAGNOS' AI-Driven Retinal Analysis Technology is in the Process of Transforming Industries

Technology that detects & classifies serious medical conditions in patients with diabetes or cardiovascular issues from an image of the back of the eye; diabetic retinopathy, hypertension retinopathy, stroke, AMD, glaucoma, & more.

DIAGNOS Inc. (TSX-V: ADK) (OTCQB: DGNOF) (Frankfurt: 4D4) is a Canadian-based medical software technology company that pioneered 'Computer Assisted Retinal Analysis' (CARA), which automatically analyses the retina (located at the back of the eye) using machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify damage caused by diabetes and cardiovascular issues. For the last 7 years DIAGNOS has commercially advanced its first large-scale application of the technology, primarily aimed at preventing diabetic retinopathy. Entering 2022 marks a pivotal time for DIAGNOS as the technology has recently seen several large players in the eyecare sector and medical field commit to large-scale roll-outs, this is putting pressure on others in the sector to consider a similar move and not be left behind. DIAGNOS' technology essentially transforms eyecare centers into Point of Care and wellness diagnostic centers as the CARA platform also is expected to commercially launch several other large-scale applications, including an application for hypertensive retinopathy (launch imminent) and one for stroke prediction (undergoing clinical trials now in USA). Complicated medical conditions resulting from diabetes, high blood pressure, and potential stroke can be detected by DIAGNOS' algorithms able to interpret detailed imagery of the retina. Since New Look (with 407 locations in Canada) signed on for CARA platform roll-out DIAGNOS' phone has been ringing from around the globe, essentially other industry participants do not want to miss out on a technology whose time has come. Look for an increase in new business announcements to come from the DIAGNOS over the coming months and years. In fact, Essilor Luxottica (Euronext Paris Stock exchange: EL), the largest eyecare company in the world, with EUR$16+ Billion in revenue and ~15,000 locations, signed a MOU with DIAGNOS in August-2021 and is in active negotiations on terms -- this alone has massive latent catalyst potential for upside share price revaluation of ADK.V as details emerge. Specifically DIAGNOS and Essilor are currently negotiating 3 things; 1) contract for the existing platform, 2) Essilor wants DIAGNOS to do a specific development for their line of fundus camera, and 3) Essilor wants access to future applications DIAGNOS will roll out. The fact the largest eyecare company in the world chose DIAGNOS' technology speaks volumes as to where this is headed.

With all the activity DIAGNOS has on the go it appears a low-risk high-reward proposition: ADK.V only has 69.12 million shares outstanding, there are very little warrants left, and insiders & family office own ~40% of the outstanding shares. DIAGNOS has no debt, money in the bank, an untapped C$2 million government credit line if needed, has a high-margin SaaS model (it only costs ~4 cents to process an image that it charges between ~C$5 - $10), is expected to be cash flow positive (based on solid contracts) in the coming fiscal year, has numerous new business prospects in discussion now, and is expected to see rapid revenue growth. Astute investors connecting the dots about what is unfolding are apt to do well by establishing a long position in ADK.V now.

DIAGNOS Inc. received its first institutional coverage from the independent investment bank / advisory / equity research firm Echelon Capital Markets, its current rating is 'Top Pick', 'Speculative BUY' with a near-term (12 month) target price per common share of DIAGNOS of $1.55 Canadian (or in US dollars: USD$1.23 or in Euros: €1.09) -- click here to view full copy of their latest report. The original initiating report was exceptionally thorough (~40 pages), the analyst contacted multiple industry participants, and recently (November-2021) sat down for an interview [running time 32 min. Youtube] on his reasoning for making it a top pick entering 2022.

Figure 1. (above) On the left is seen a typical fundus camera image being taken on a patient. On the right is seen a retinal image enhanced with DIAGNOS software, prepped for A.I. auto-detection of pathology & lesion classification. All images world-wide are sent via secure feed to its high security facility in Montreal for processing and quick turn-around. If it detects a risk, the supervised machine learning algorithm separates diabetic retinopathy into 5 clinical diagnoses, the report refers the patient to a retinal specialist doctor, who prescribes the appropriate medication or treatment. DIAGNOS has a SaaS model, it does not sell the software, it protects its proprietary code and database, the software resides in its servers, and everywhere the CARA platform solution is set up it functions as a service. 

Revenue Generating Medical Applications - Product Pipeline

CARA Platforms 1st large application -- Screening diabetic population to avoid blindness from DIABETIC RETINOPATHY: Status - deployed and in production. The test is via a flash from a standard off-the-shelf fundus camera (a specialized optical microscope with an attached camera), it is quick (only takes seconds), painless, noninvasive, and low cost. The retinal image is securely sent electronically for instant analysis by DIAGNOS' proprietary AI engine algorithms and sizeable database. CARA is Certified in ISO certification, and has multiple regulatory approvals. The CARA platform is advantageous over humans in terms of high-accuracy and consistency (unlike a human, software does not get tired). The technology was pioneered by DIAGNOS Inc. over the last decade, CARA technology is proven and its first large application targeting diabetics is in commercial production use now in 16 countries around the globe. The proprietary AI algo-driven database of DIAGNOS is made up of over 400,000 high-quality case study datasets, making its success unparalleled. Numerous people across the globe owe their eyesight today from having received a heads-up from DIAGNOS' CARA.

DIAGNOS greatly assists in managing the care of at-risk populations. Retinal imaging diagnostic technology is gaining popularity; doctors and specialists strongly endorse the technology as large numbers of people can be seen that otherwise would not be seen. Governments like it as proactively stopping/minimizing debilitating health issues immensely saves money, and pharma (manufacturers and retailers) like it as they sell advanced medication for conditions identified. DIAGNOS has first-mover advantage in its niche and has no serious competition at the moment, there are a handful of private firms connected to academic organizations dabbling in medical retinal analysis tech, and of those only two known private commercial operations are worth noting; however one has essentially shifted away to dermatology since Covid, and the other quite frankly charges too much (i.e. C$25/image compared to C$5 - $10 DIAGNOS charges) and is differently focused.

The share price of ADK.V is apt to rise as the reality of the magnitude developing for DIAGNOS' technology becomes more apparent to the market...

Noteworthy contracts currently in roll-out and related revenue potential:

New Look (Canada) 407 store (currently as of Nov-2021 10 stores have installs, and all 407 should be installed by end of 2022), DIAGNOS is rolling out to perform 10 tests/day/ store @CDN$5 revenue/test = CDN$6.5 Million/yr.

MAGRABI (a group of private hospitals in Saudi Arabia) 32 hospitals (the second CARA install has just occurred, more to come soon), 50 tests/day/site @CDN$5 /test = CDN$2.56 Million/yr.

20/20Now (USA) 65 optometry sites, (installs are starting back up now after experiencing Covid delay), 10 tests/day/site @USD$3/test = USD$624,000/yr.

Chaparral Medical Group (USA) 22 sites, has been a client for several years at one location and is expanding rollout now (installs on the remainder is back on now after experiencing Covid delay), 25 tests/day/site @USD$3/test = USD$528,000/yr.

Opticalia (Latin America) is a franchisee group of optometry stores with 920 franchises, have now installed CARA at 7 locations and aiming to do all 920, 10 tests/day/site, @Euro€3/test = €8.8 Million/yr.

Optica Central (Costa Rica) 65 optometry stores, 10 tests/day/site, @USD$3.50/test = USD$593,600/yr.

Established revenue sources looking to up their game: Novartis, Quebec Government (RFP 1M patients), Bangladesh Government, Grupo Devlyn with 900+ stores = ?TBD?/yr. ...

REVENUES ARE PROJECTED TO EXCEL: Based on established business, plus the pace of the current new roll-outs (above), we calculate DIAGNOS Inc. should report somewhere between CDN$10M and $20M in revenue in its next fiscal year, comfortably be cash flow positive, and easily grow in revenues every year thereafter based on diabetic retinopathy application alone.

Noteworthy new business prospects - this is a short-list of the most advanced in discussion that DIAGNOS feels closest to closing on:

Essilor International- MoU 15,000 stores worldwide -- see related August 16, 2021 news release (negotiations underway now).

LMC Endocrinology- 18 diabetic clinics across Canada.

Quest Diagnostics US- One of the largest groups in US with over 300 clinics.

Saudi Government- Through ELM consulting that belongs to the King;500 clinics, 7 M diabetics (fact: ~35% of Saudi Arabia's population has diabetes).

UAE Government- 2M diabetics, Pilot scheduled this year subject to pandemic.

Panama Government- Pilot was done March 2020 to cover 1.4M diabetics.

Kaiser Permanente US- 2.5M diabetics

Mexico Government-7M diabetics, Pilot was done in 2019-2020 over 100,000 patients, just waiting for Covid to calm down before restarting.

Kaiser Permanente US- One of the largest HMO with 2,4000,000 diabetics, post Covid.

Florida Government US- 5.8 M diabetics.

FYIdoctors Canada- 256 stores, mainly in Western Canada.

Salud Digna Mexico- 1M diabetics.

Note: There are many more prospects than itemized above, the number of enquiries of late has dramatically increased -- there is now a shift within the eyecare industry whereby major players see the benefit of becoming more like "Point of Care" and "wellness centers", there is also increased interest from labs, and clinics. Additionally, besides patient wellbeing, the medical clinics and optometrists appear more keen to push a DIAGNOS test as they mark-up the cost, plus the client is essentially locked-in to returning for an annual test or follow-up to the same location to compare results for change in condition.

------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

CARA Platforms 2nd large application -- Screening for HYPERTENSIVE RETINOPATHY: Status - in preliminary commercialization. If patients are suffering from hypertension or taking blood pressure medication, using the same retinal image from its CARA platform DIAGNOS can proactively see damage being done to the retina -- a hypertensive patient can develop hypertensive retinopathy, which can lead to vision loss. DIAGNOS can measure retinal vascular tortuosity; your blood vessels are supposed to be nice and straight, as soon as your blood pressure goes higher it puts a lot of pressure on the arteries and veins -- the smaller the blood vessels the quicker the change, so that is why the eyes are best.

Figure 3. (above) CARA (Computer Assisted Retinal Analysis) Artery Vein (AV) Ratio analysis in action and retinal images -- DIAGNOS' cardiovascular retinal imaging looks at micro circulation, the small little vessels. There is a direct relationship between cardiovascular issues and the retina. DIAGNOS' algos focus on the artery-to-vein ratio (AVR), classifying the patterns of blood vessels, and how swollen (or not) they are.

DIAGNOS' new cardiovascular applications will be marketed as an add-on to its now proven and accepted CARA. No retinal imaging competitor can offer anything in the cardiovascular realm, DIAGNOS is uniquely positioned in the market, the level of interest in its hypertension application as an add-on to what DIAGNOS is already offering is enormous.

------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

CARA Platforms 3rd large application -- Screening for PROBABILITY OF STROKE: Status - soon to undergo clinical trials at CommonSpirit Health Research Institute. Having a stroke can lead to life-debilitating paralysis. DIAGNOS is starting a clinical trial in the second largest hospital group in the US (CommonSpirits; which has ~140 hospitals and >1,000 clinics, in 21 states) to prove DIAGNOS can predict if an individual will have a stroke using the same fundus camera image of the back of the eye. DIAGNOS is doing a clinical trial study in collaboration with them as they see the CARA platform as an important tool to reduce costs long-term and provide rapid feedback on the effectiveness of individual patient’s medication. If the planned trials for the Stroke Predictor demonstrates the level of accuracy that DIAGNOS has encountered in its development stages, Market Equities Research Group has stated Pharma professionals have told its analyst "...look for shares of ADK.V to trade well above $5/share and the Company to eventually become the subject of buyout. The 'Stroke Predictor' application can state the probability of someone having a stroke in the next two years and it will also tell you why. Success in early detection of cardio vascular issues in such a non-invasive manner for the patient could quickly result in the DIAGNOS being a go-to service in a massive market place that currently spends >US$500 Billion a year in drugs and services for cardiovascular and stroke issues. DIAGNOS' technology can also quickly reveal if a patient's medication is working by showing changes in condition (progression or regression). Pharma and the medical community will pay up for this technology and DIAGNOS Inc. will no longer resemble what it is today."

Recommend reading: https://technologymarketwatch.com/adk.htm 

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