CEO.CA is an online platform for investors to share knowledge and track stocks in real-time. Our mission is to promote information symmetry in Canada’s markets. We seek to provide a safe and open space for users to share their research, ask questions, and network with their peers as they would at a quality investment conference. To achieve these goals and maintain a positive culture, certain types of behaviour and content are not tolerated.

The House Rules, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service collectively make up the « CEO.CA User Agreement » that governs a user’s access to and use of CEO.CA.

All users who fail to respect the House Rules may result in CEO.CA moderators taking one or more of the following enforcement actions:

  • Editing the offending post;
  • Removal of the offending post;
  • Handing out a penalty, being a temporary restriction on posting privileges;
  • Handing out a channel ban, either temporary or permanent, being a restriction on a user’s ability to post in a specific channel;
  • Handing out a site ban, either temporary or permanent, being a restriction on a user’s ability to access the platform in its entirety through his or her account; or
  • Silencing a user, either temporarily or permanently, being a total restriction on a users ability to post on the platform whatsoever.


1) Participation of Insiders, Issuers and Promoters: We encourage representatives of public companies to leverage CEO.CA and it is routine they do so. However we require all users who are in a business relationship with any public company, be it consulting, employment, affiliate or otherwise, to disclose their conflicts openly on their profile or in their posts pertaining to the company they are in a business relationship with. Any insiders who are found to be participating in a company’s channel while not disclosing their identity and connection to the company may be silenced and outed publicly so other users can put previous posts in context.

2) Abusive Behaviors : We encourage a constructive debate on merits of companies on CEO.CA, positive and negative. However you must argue your perspective respectfully. Discuss stocks, not users or other individuals. People who post insulting, threatening, harassing or libelous content may be subject to enforcement action;

3) No Doxxing : Publishing private or identifying information, typically with malicious intent, also known as "Doxxing" is not tolerated here ;

4) No Multiple Accounts : Please use a single account on CEO.CA and do not share your account with anyone. Using multiple accounts, or multiple persons sharing a single account, is prohibited and may result in permanent suspension from CEO.CA.

5) Disruptive Behaviours (Repetition, cheerleading, trolling and spamming) : To help create a positive experience for users on CEO.CA, certain disruptive behaviours may also be subject to enforcement actions. Such behaviours may include, but are not restricted to, the following : repetitious posting that clogs public channels ; cheerleading a stock without adding value to the conversation ; spreading doom and gloom on a stock without adding value to the conversation ; and spamming public or private channels for the purposes of touting a different company and-or product.

6) No Posting of Lvl2 Info: Lvl2 information is a proprietary product offered by the exchanges, whether CSE, TSXV or TSX, and is to be used only by the person who holds a licence to access such information. CEO.CA is also supported by its paying subscribers of #CEOPro, and it is thanks to their support this site is here for all to use. As such, we ask that Lvl2 information not be posted in any public channels.

7) Buyer Beware : CEO.CA members discuss high-risk stocks which can lose their entire value. The opinions shared on CEO.CA often contain major bias and or factual inaccuracies. Stay skeptical of everything you read here and everyone posting on the site. Verify information, get help from a qualified financial professional and do your own thorough due diligence before making investment decisions.

To request moderation please use message flagging. Click on any message for Flag options.

To report abuse including harassment or defamation, please email with links to offending posts and a description of how the posts are abusive or defamatory. 

House Rules are a work in progress. Let us know what you think below and tag our #feedback channel.

Use of this site indicates acceptance of the above House Rules as well as CEO.CA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use