On average, consumers in the UK believe life will be back to normal in April 2022. And post-pandemic, consumers will increasingly expect great experiences across channels - online, digital, or hybrid - after a pandemic where 64% of consumers started a new online activity.

LONDON, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- New research released today from Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the world's No.1 Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category, reveals how UK consumer behaviour and expectations will change post-pandemic, and why companies need to focus on designing new experiences that meet the needs of consumers today and in the future.

The new study from the Qualtrics XM Institute, "2021 UK Consumer Trends", examined the perspectives of more than 1,000 consumers. The study highlights how companies will need to rewrite their playbooks to deliver great online, in-person, and hybrid experiences to attract and retain loyal consumers.

"Our research shows that consumers are not going back to the way things were," said Bruce Temkin, Head of the Qualtrics XM Institute. "Consumers have adapted to a new, digital-first landscape, and the experiences that they have with brands across digital channels directly impact their purchasing decisions. In order to be successful, organisations need to prepare for the future instead of trying to recreate the past."

UK Findings

Consumers went digital, and many of them are not going back.
The pandemic forced consumers to go digital almost overnight. More than 64% of consumers switched to online channels to run errands and stay connected. For example, 19% of consumers caught up with family and friends over a video call, 15% of consumers started ordering groceries, and 16% received medical advice.

UK consumers turned to digital solutions to manage their money
A large number of UK consumers are looking to use more online banking services post-COVID, in contrast to Germany where consumers want to return to offline banking. This correlates with an above-average level of satisfaction with recent interactions with UK banks (80%) and credit card companies (82%).

Brits are looking forward to hanging up on video calls
Online video calls kept us connected during the pandemic. 19% of UK consumers logged on for the first time - but our study suggests consumers expect to do far fewer online calls once life returns to normal.

Healthcare is the highest-rated industry for satisfaction in the UK
The majority of Brits had positive recent experiences with hospitals or GP clinics, with 85% of people saying they were somewhat or extremely satisfied. The weekly Clap for Heroes and continued goodwill around the NHS suggests this is one industry that truly met the challenge of COVID-19.

UK consumers increasingly expect great experiences across multiple platforms.
Organisations need to invest in delivering quality customer service and meet customers where they are—whether that's online, in-person or somewhere in between. For example, to apply for a bank account, 15% of consumers prefer to do so over the phone, 45% through self-service methods, 31% in person, and 9% through online chat.

Consumer expectations will continue to change as the world adjusts to a post-pandemic environment, and organisations must be prepared. They will need experience data —what consumers say they want and expect —to actively listen to their customers and design the experiences that attract and retain them.

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