The reality is, to put it very simply: You can only get physical silver coins between 28 and 30 euros.

The Silvereagle for only 32 euros! (1 ounce)

The ounce is currently just under 26 US dollars. The surcharge is already huge !!

The paper silver market is only a shadow of reality. For every ounce of physical silver there are an estimated 500-1000 paper claims!

Well, what is the paper silver worth?

However, the paper silver issuers know that they are dealing with completely unsuspecting buyers who do not understand that there is no silver behind it at all, then they will not stop feeding the gullible buyers with more and more pseudo-silver.

This happens until some investors want their physical delivery, but then realize they have only bought paper where delivery is mathematically no longer possible !!

Because where is this amount of physical silver supposed to come from? (Maybe from another planet)

In other words, you no longer need to chase the paper silver market up and down, but keep your physical silver ounces relaxed and calm!

And second, to own real first class silver explorer . Look at my portfolio :

Volcanic mines , emerita resources , norden crown resources and so on . 

Thanks to all investors here on the board and exspecially to @drjimjones . ( really very good research ) 

Nice weekend !