Tune in on June 12th at 12:00PM EST for an Ask Me Anything session with Dean Skurka, CEO of WonderFi Technologies Inc. (TSX: WNDR).

WonderFi owns and operates Bitbuy and Coinsquare, two leading domestic crypto platforms with strongholds in the Canadian market; WonderFi operates Internationally through its expansion in Australia, as well as through Smartpay, its global crypto payments platform.

With a collective user base of over 1.7 Million registered Canadians and a combined assets under custody exceeding $1.5 Billion, WonderFi serves one of the largest crypto investor communities in Canada.

Interested in learning more about the company and want to have your questions answered by the team? Post directly in the $WNDR Channel or send them to @CEOCA_Meaghan to submit them.

See you on the 12th at ceo.ca/~wndr-ama !