Interview with Mark Selby, CEO of Canada Nickel (TSX-V: CNC)

Now, here's something that some nickel commentators know about, but very few of them seem to talk about.

Let's talk about 'Clean Nickel & Dirty Nickel'. Elon Musk wants nickel. he wants it efficient and clean. large funds are bound to follow this lead. As will other automotive manufacturers.

Not all nickel is equal. We've discussed at length the advantages of disadvantages of nickel sulphide and nickel laterite, with both possessing different costs: high-cost mining (sulphide), low-cost mining (laterite), high-cost processing (laterite - +US$1Bn HPAL projects) and low-cost processing (sulphide - simple smelting).

However, the element that many are forgetting to this story regards the environmental footprint of nickel sulphide and nickel laterite; are laterite projects dirty? Is this a complete game-changer in the wake of Elon Musk's quarterly conference call requesting that nickel miners produce as much green, efficient and sustainable nickel as possible?

Selby's company, Canada Nickel Corp, has recently applied for a trademark: NetZero. This represents the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project. Crawford is the 11th largest nickel sulphide resource in the world after just over 6-months of development. Not only is it a low-cost, global-scale asset, but it also has the potential to be carbon neutral during production. With EV manufacturers and regulators assessing their supply chains with a great deal more scrutiny nowadays, does this put Crawford into a league of its own? How will the big funds react? Have laterite projects just gone to the back of the queue?

We Discuss:

  • NetZero Metals Inc: An Overview
  • Environmental and Sustainable: Problems of Mining
  • Sulphide vs Laterite: Which Gets Funded First?
  • NetZero Mission and Plan
  • Supporters of NetZero: Benefits to the Market
  • A Distraction from Canada Nickel's Goals?
  • Difficulties to Come: Might Big Companies Retaliate?

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