DIAGNOS Inc. (TSX-V: ADK) (OTCQB: DGNOF) (Frankfurt: 4D4) pioneered ‘Computer Assisted Retinal Analysis' (CARA) technology, a technology that appears in the process of advancing forward in terms of institutional adoption within the medical community. DIAGNOS’ CARA platform automatically analyses the retina (located at the back of the eye) using machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify damage caused by diabetes and cardiovascular issues. The retina uniquely contains microscopic blood vessels whose image can be non-invasively captured by a standard optometrist’s fundus camera and prepped by DIAGNOS’ CARA platform for auto-detection of pathology and lesion classification, providing medical experts an early indicator of trouble (e.g. diabetic retinopathy which can lead to blindness, hypertensive retinopathy, tortuosity indicative of excessive stress) or conversely progress/repair underway (e.g. medications working). CARA is a new technology whose time has come, with DIAGNOS at the fore having commercially advanced the diabetic retinopathy application of CARA for the last 7 years. Matters are now heating-up in a major way in terms of adoption and the institutional awakening that investors in DIAGNOS Inc. (and the technology it pioneered) had hoped for appears to be at hand.

TWO MAJOR EVENTS UNDERWAY, each individually with company-maker potential, together they make shares of ADK.V a beast for the foreseeable future.

MAJOR EVENT #1) Last week DIAGNOS announced that its Stroke Predictor CARA platform application begins clinical trials on Dec. 6, 2021 with CommonSpirit Health Research Institute, the 2nd largest health service provider in the USA (~137 hospitals and >1,000 clinics, in 21 states).


MAJOR EVENT #2) EUR$80B+ market cap. Essilor Luxottica (symbol EL on Euronex – the world’s largest eyecare company with ~15,000 locations & >EUR$16B/annum in revenues) has a MoU signed and is actively in negotiations with DIAGNOS on three transaction points; 1) Deployment/access to DIAGNOS’ existing CARA platform, 2) development of DIAGNOS technology into Essilor’s line of fundus camera, 3) access to future applications of CARA as they rollout (see product pipeline below).

Takeaways from both of the above: Eyecare centers appear to now be transitioning into ‘Point of Care’ wellness centers with DIAGNOS’ proven technology as a centerpiece. On the cardiovascular front, look for pharma, insurance, and the medical investment complex to pay-up to integrate AI-driven retinal analysis solutions as primary care go-to-service for insight into the health of a patient.

Figure 1. (Above) On the left is seen a typical fundus camera image being taken on a patient. On the right is seen a retinal image enhanced with DIAGNOS software, prepped for A.I. auto-detection of pathology & lesion classification. All images world-wide are sent via secure feed to its high security facility in Montreal for processing and quick turn-around. If it detects a risk, the supervised machine learning algorithm separates diabetic retinopathy into 5 clinical diagnoses, the report refers the patient to a retinal specialist doctor, who prescribes the appropriate medication or treatment. DIAGNOS has a SaaS model, it does not sell the software, it protects its proprietary code and database, the software resides in its servers, and everywhere the CARA platform solution is set up it functions as a service.

DIAGNOS has world class leadership: One simple look at the level of talent providing direction to DIAGNOS tells you just how formidable matters are setting up to unfold; e.g. The former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific, among numerous other positions previously held, Vincent Duhamel, agreed to be on the Board of Directors of DIAGNOS. You can view his CV under the ‘about’ section on his linkden ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincent-duhamel/?originalSubdomain=ca ). Currently he is Vice Chairman, Global President and Chief Operating Officer of leading independent global asset management firm Fiera Capital. Needless to say, people of this caliber associate themselves with companies with a bright future, and DIAGNOS is making some high-level strategic moves now with good reason.

Complicated medical conditions resulting from diabetes, high blood pressure, and potential stroke can be detected by DIAGNOS' algorithms able to interpret detailed imagery of the retina.

DIAGNOS is the subject of a Technology MarketWatch Journal review, full copy may be seen at https://technologymarketwatch.com/adk.htm online -- Valuation commentary excerpt:

With all the activity DIAGNOS has on the go it appears a low-risk high-reward proposition: ADK.V only has 69.12 million shares outstanding, there are very little warrants left, and insiders & family office own ~40% of the outstanding shares. DIAGNOS has no debt, money in the bank, an untapped C$2 million government credit line if needed, has a high-margin SaaS model (it only costs ~4 cents to process an image that it charges between ~C$5 - $10), is expected to be cash flow positive (based on solid contracts already in hand) in the coming fiscal year, has numerous new business prospects in discussion now, and is expected to see rapid revenue growth. Astute investors connecting the dots about what is unfolding are apt to do well by establishing a long position in ADK.V now.

DIAGNOS Inc. received its first institutional coverage from the independent investment bank / advisory / equity research firm Echelon Capital Markets, its current rating is 'Top Pick', 'Speculative BUY' with a near-term (12 month) target price per common share of DIAGNOS of $1.55 Canadian (or in US dollars: USD$1.23 or in Euros: €1.09) -- Note, the analyst share price target is based on the DIAGNOS’ CARA Platform that is currently in use and does not include progress on the Stroke Predictor application that was the subject of clinical trial news last week – needless to say a much higher share price target is justified if success in the clinical trials is demonstrated.

Figure 2. (Above) Product pipeline of revenue generating medical applications.

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Recent interview the Analyst provided regarding his ‘Top Pick’ ranking for DIAGNOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnb_EJTyv6c

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