Junior Mining Talks is a new show that (we hope) will be published every week. In every episode, you can find a weekly overview of the most interesting and important news in the junior mining market. I'll do this with Luc ten Have from ‪GoldDiscovery, along with a relevant guest (sometimes).

Luc has been a resource investor for over 10 years now. He developed a tool for junior mining stocks at www.golddiscovery.com to make his life easier in his due diligence analysis.

In this episode of Junior Mining Talks, we dove into the an Australian stock which went up by 287% along with other notable movers in the market.

Following that, Luc shed light on how to identify potential leaks and we discussed on how to respond to such situations effectively.

At the end, we turned our attention to Lucara Diamonds, highlighting their recent increase in sales. This prompted speculation about a potential revival in the diamond market. However, we underscored the importance of thoroughly understanding a company before investing in it.


00:00 Intro

00:54 Why did Iceni Gold surge by 287%?

12:08 Is knowing the geology important when investing in juniors?

25:46 What happened with Aurum Resources?

31:38 What to do when there's potentially a leak?

47:41 How do billionaires become billionaires?

53:55 Are diamonds making a comeback?

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