Gold was very overbought last weeks ! The big miners indicated a correction . 

Believe me , the gold bull is not over , this is just the beginning and we will see much higher prices in 2021 and 2022 !

I think this correction will be the last chance to buy gold and silver mines cheap . 

I don`t know how long this correction will take . 

Here my predictions : 

I think the correction can take time until november .  Dow Jones and S&P 500 are extremly overbought and overpriced . 

Warren Buffet has almost 150 Billion Dollar cash on hand , because he only sold shares . I think he is an old fox . 

If the the stock markets correct in the autumn , and there is a high probability, then gold and silver will probably do the same .

Gold will probably go back to 1750 Dollar . Maybe lower , but not much . Worst case 1650 i believe . 

Silver to 21 Dollar ,  maybe to 20 Dollar .  That would be comparable at the arca gold bugs to 250 - 260 points or the GDX at 32 to 33 points .

These could be the last possibilities to get the big miners or excellent explorers cheap , before the next storm to north will come . I have almost 20 positions ( you can see it on my page here ) which have all a big chance to move higher . 

Most important is , not to sell the whole portfolio in a correction of a bullmarket .  I will hold almost all and will do just small corrections in order to optimize my portfolio for the next run !!