Interview with John Lewins, CEO of K92 Mining Inc. (TSX-V:KNT)

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K92 Mining, founded in 2010, is a gold producer and gold developer with a flagship project in Papua New Guinea. K92 Mining's share price rise has been nothing short of meteoric, and this isn't just a demonstration of the unprecedented gold bull environment. K92 Mining's organic growth model is clearly attracting attention as it is free cash flowing and self-funding since 2018.

K92 Mining operates the high-grade, underground Kainantu Gold Mine, located in the Eastern Highlands Province. The major catalyst moment for this gold producer came in May 2017, when a near-mine discovery called Kora North transformed the gold mining value proposition on offer to gold investors. K92 Mining is now a low-cost producer and targets organic growth to continue producing accretive value for investors as well as significant high-grade gold ounces in the ground.

Will K92 Mining continue on its exceptional upwards trajectory? With the gold environment like it is right now, one wouldn't bet against it. 

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • History and Development of K92 Mining
  • Asset, Data, & Risks: What Did They Walk Into?
  • Peculiarities of Mining in Papua New Guinea
  • Big Company Problems: Where Does Growth Come From?
  • M&A to Lead the Way: Criteria & Considerations
  • The Window of Opportunity: Predictions for The Gold Market
  • Business Model & End Goals
  • The Near Future: What to Expect from K92 Mining

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